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Getac F110 redefines excellence at Emerson Network Power with its robust and powerful performance

“Getac has brought immense value to our engineers, empowering them to provide efficient service to the industrial facilities, communication networks and data centers. The touchscreen and added battery life coverage is of amazing value to our engineers who work on rotating 24/7 rosters”

~ Mohammad Emran, IT Helpdesk Support Specialist.

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Emerson Network Power is a global leader in providing power, control, and monitoring, cooling access and manageability solutions. The company empowers businesses via its industry expertise, resources, and technology helping their future expansion. The engineers at Emerson worked under tough environment, which was frequently prone to rough handling and frequent drops. To ensure connectivity, efficient performance on the move and convenient operation they needed a heavy-duty device that met the challenging atmosphere they faced routinely.



Getac F110 devices offered a comprehensive solution to the superior standards Emerson engineers were expected to provide. An improved and effective analysis of data was accomplished with the large screen feature in the F110 devices. Since the engineers had to work on UPS systems of different sizes and with required tools and cables attached to them, the devices were easily prone to drops, scratches, and damages. With the F110 fully rugged tablets, operations were carried on smoothly without worries on devices being damaged.

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The Getac F110 tablet enabled proficient on-site inspection including control and monitoring of systems as well as conducting energy saving modifications in the server racks that contain medium and large sized UPS systems, so accurate temperature control was maintained in the cooling systems. The cooling systems are vital for centralised power protection and server stabilisation.

Emerson engineers also used the device to diagnose, update, and maintain servers in the data center, ensuring the software used is always up to date. “By connecting a RS232 port to the F110 device, engineers could do on-site updates of firmware, data programs, BIOS, and drivers quickly and effectively” said Matthew Newland, engineer of Emerson. The Engineers had to just run the software and link it to the mobile or cloud based Emerson data center.

In rainy weather, the engineers could use the device, while traveling both on foot and in the vehicle easily. They were able to inspect UPS systems without worrying about the device falling off or being scratched or damaged during transit. In outdoor working conditions, Getac F110 device with its dust-proof and sunlight readable feature gave ample protection.



Getac F110 devices with their lightweight design and all weather resistant features enabled Emerson engineers to conveniently carry the devices for their onsite work. Inspecting, monitoring and diagnosing were efficiently done irrespective of the weather conditions. “With ultra-speed 4G LTE connectivity feature, engineers could link to the data centers directly from the inspection site and submit analysis reports promptly” said Quoc Kien, the IT Project Team Leader.

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The device’s large screen made way for entering detailed information and efficient filling of electronic forms, while the operating system provided easy to use interface. With MIL-STD-810G and IP65 specification the device afforded sturdy protection from water and dust ingress and unexpected drops onto hard concrete surfaces. Hand strap attachment together with lightweight body enabled easy mobility for the engineers who had to cover long distances on foot routinely.

Long battery life coupled with snapback battery add-on's increased the working potential eliminating need for frequent recharging with the uninterrupted power supply. “In outdoor lighting conditions, the sunlight readable technology endowed easy readability helping data analysis effectively” said Matthew. The heavy-duty features along with powerful performance enabled seamless connectivity to back-end system and transmission of inspected data via wireless connection.

High performance, wireless connectivity, and rugged features of the device allowed engineers to implement the operations faster and in an efficient manner, regardless of the indoor or outdoor working conditions present. Faster execution of various services, increased productivity, and better efficiency were achieved in various operations of the company increasing its efficiency manifold.